Rep Posters by Abet

in line with the UP Repertory Company’s 38th anniversary, here are some posters and teaser that i created as a two time publicity committee vice chairperson.

UP ng INA na naman!

My first poster, UP ng Ina: Na Naman didnt come out as conceptualized. the previous VCs specifically B, did not approve of the outcome. i didn’t care less. or didn’t i?

Tatlong Manyika at Ang Sistema ni Propesor Tuko. my favorite poster

i tried to better my designs afterwards. this poster then became my favorite one. making up for my previous boo-boo. the director, Raffy Tejada lied it so much and told me that it was even better than the poster designs of his other company.

TRENTA (Abet/chaRrie/joE/haNy/Tinab/Anatoly

A controversial poster design divided the company. this started the greatest test that our batch surpassed. (Greatest talaga). embedded in the title are the names of the the six of us, while all of the other active members were on the side. The Director’s name, Josel Garlitos was not in the poster. and i was/am sorry for that.

Butihing Babae ng Timog. all active members were given a spot in the poster
Butihing Babae ng Timog. all active members were given a spot in the poster

finally i managed to give the member’s vanity with seeing their picture in the poster without being corny and hardsell. B finally approved the design. not that i care. hehe! Amrei and B were my mentors by the way.

Haplos ng Dahas, (Haplos ng Dahas & Sa Ngalan ng Ama)
Haplos ng Dahas, (Haplos ng Dahas & Sa Ngalan ng Ama)

Finally, it was my moment to mentor the new Publicity Committee VC (which was renamed Extercom) the tricks of the trade. Idid this poster in a computer shop in Philcoa with Rog Amon. By the way, that’s Summer and I, making out, in the poster.

Ang Maria (Pinakamakisig na nalunod sa Buong mundo & Lutong Bahay) the last poster i made for the company as of the moment

Rog as followed by Eshei. who is now creating so much better design. and this is our collaboration. done in the same computer shop.

These are all the posters. my memorable creations. but to end this, is my favorite teaser. featuring the star, Hany Star. with a copy so true to everything the UP Repertory Company has done to/for us.

Gaganda Ka (You'll be beautiful) my favorite application teaser for the company

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