a reunion with KC from the Bahamas

September 22 was a busy day. though busy was still an understatement to describe that day. after meeting with my office friends Melo and Ona, after our swimming and Ukay adventure with our swimming instructor Kuya MIke, i went straight to Figaro Gateway to meet my elementary friends. i dont know who to expect in the venue.

Ona went with me in the mall. i was on my shorts and pambahay shirt, and kanto slippers for we were just finished swimming. we went to Folded and Hung, where i bought a pair of undies and asked the sales lady if i can use their fitting room to change. after that, whalla, even Ona was surprised that i was prepared in my big bag, for i have a complete wardrobe in it.

i met a few classmates in Figaro, and we decided to wait for some more in Coffee Bean. here are some photos with KC, the casino/card/game dealer from the cruise in the Caribbean, which derek and i envied. young moms BAve and Melanie D. were there too, Bave was with her toddler. another young mom, Joan came after finising her shift in Makati.

We were few, but the time wasnt enough for all the stories and adventures we all have after more than a decade from elementary. hope that the next reunion, or coffee/dinner dates (reunion is losing its essence for we are doing it almost monthly) would be as fun with more new faces attending.

this album is for KC, whom i forgot the email address. you can just download the pics from here. yey! the next time you come back, we will do that poker. hopefully nimfa’s chicken pox is gone by then. haha!

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