Nan Pro 3: an answered prayer

Euan’s first milk was S26, unfortunately. i wasnt that much into the rules. though i know much earlier that babies were supposed to be breastfed right after birth, but when the doctors told me to buy things for the baby, including S26, specifically, i didn’t think and obeyed at once. My focus was on my laboring wifey. Everything was about her that moment. i’m sorry Euan, but mama first.

As my wifey recalled, it was on the third day when Euan was brought to her side to have some sip from her boobies (as Euan calls them now). We spent five days in  St Matthew’s Hospital, here in the border of Marikina and San Mateo, where she gave birth. Euan continued breastfeeding, while having an alternate taste of the remaining S26. we brought Euan to his new Pedia, my cousin, who used to be my playmate when i my boy’s age. she said to avoid future allergies, which my wifey had a lot of, Euan had to change his milk, since wifey wasn’t breatfeeding full time, actually, she cant do it, her milk wasn’t enough, then.  We almost a year, Euan was havign the paper-like-tasting Nutramigen. Luckily, i was earning enough then, to avail of the more than a thousand a can milk.

when Euan seemed to be okay and allergic of nothing liek dust mites and monsters and other people. we shifted to another hypoallergenic milk. Nan HA. this was a little cheaper and a can weighs more than that of Nutramigen. Euan seemed to like the taste as well. After turning 1, we shifted to the age appropriate NAN HA2. However, the procudt was phased out. We serached the weirdest groceries in the suburbs to buy the product. after a month, the New NAN was released. NAN HW, Hydrolyzed Whey. when no signs of allergies came out, we tried the regular NAN 2. Euan continued this till he turned two.

Finding a milk that suits a two year old was a dilemma. All milk that we saw were for babies 12-24 months only. our pedia said that NAN 2 was still okay. and if we are a little tight on the budget, we can change it to Nestogen. we did Nestogen, SInce Euan was very much into Solid Food, eating whatever mama and papa were eating (food only). we decided to have Nestogen as the supplement.

Euan got sick and from being an18Kilo boy, his weight dropped a kilo, then to 16Kilos and stayed there for a while. together with the medication, though he was never underweight, we panicked of his weight going down. i’ve decided to look for a milk suited for a boy turning three. a friend recommended Nido, but another friend who works in an ad agency told me of all of Nido’s false advertisements. so i turned to NAN 2 again. After all, it has not advertisement, so no accusation of false advertisement could be thrown at it. and my wife and i were so impressed that it was a product with connection to Germany and Switzerland. people their are intelligent, Euan could gain some from them, we wished.

surprisingly, euan gained his weight back. and still is going heavier and taller by the weeks. yet, my OC-ness was still looking for a milk apt for his age. well i actually gave up until this one time. it was passed midnight, when my wife sent a text, that euan’s milk is almost done. so i went ot this 24hour grocery. i was to buy Nestogen, just to get through the night, since i underestimated the stock in the store. however, to my surprise, i saw this bright and blingy bow of NAN PRO 3. i piacked it up at once. the “PRO” was new addition to the label. then i read the box. wow, it was for babies 12 mos-26 mos! yey! something i long been looking for.

NAN PRO 3, for babies up to three years old! Yey!

i goodled it of course, as i believe that Internet is bliss, and found this, ( NAN Pro 3 with Bifidus BL is a premium milk drink for toddlers aged 1-3 years. Bifidus BL is a beneficial probiotic bacteria and NAN Pro 3 with Bifidus BL can help support your toddler’s digestive and immune systems. It also contains a range of important vitamins and minerals, such as calcium, iron, and zinc which work together to support the growth and development of your active toddler.

NAN Pro 3 with Bifidus BL helps complement the daily nutritional needs of energetic toddlers. It can also contribute to a toddler’s dietary intake when their nutritional needs may not be adequate. With NAN Pro 3 you can be confident your toddler is having a milk drink that’s been specially tailored to their growth and development needs

NAN Pro 3 with Bifidus BL is also sucrose free which is great news for little teeth!


Milk solids, maltodextrin, vegetable oils, minerals (calcium citrate, calcium phosphate, sodium phosphate, ferrous sulphate, zinc sulphate), emulsifier (soy lecithin), vitamins [sodium ascorbate (vit C), niacinamide (niacin), dl-alpha tocopheryl acetate (vit E), retinyl acetate (vit A), thiamin mononitrate (vit B1), riboflavin (vit B2), folic acid, cholecalciferol (vit D3)], fish oil, flavour (vanilla), cultures (thermophilus, bifidus).

The protein source is from cow’s milk

Preparation Instructions

Wash your hands before prparing your child’s Toddler drink.
Wash all utensils to be used (cup, spoon) thoroughly.
Boil 200mL of water then cool until lukewarm, about 40°C.
Mix 4 level scoops of NAN HA 3 with water and stir until dissolve

Well, this comes together in the packaging, but i didnt get a picture of the box’s other side

nutritional information

Finally, Euan is enjoying this milk, which is appropriate for a kid 2 and half years old. he will be into this until he is three.

After that, the hunt for his toddler milk is on. for everything is about this little boy bow! (Sorry Mama Hushm but you know i love you still).


4 thoughts on “Nan Pro 3: an answered prayer

  1. hi mommy ask ko lang ano po pngkaiba ng nan optipro hw 3 sa mga nkktaa po nan pro 3, nan ha , nan hw?,ngguluhan n po kasi,ako kka one lang ksi ni baby pinaubos ko lang po yong nan hw2,nya..,salamat,po,s ssgot.. 1st baby ko po kasi.

    1. Nan HA is an old product. na-phaseout na siya at ginawa nang Nan HW. Ito yung Nan na hypoallergenic dati (HA) na ginawa na nilang hydrolyzed whey (HW). ito yung para sa mga kids na may allergy at asthma.

      Kung wala naman condition ang baby ninyo, Nan Pro is okay na. It just happened na may Asthma ang baby namin kaya HW ang nareseta sa amin ng pedia.

      iyun po. sana nakatulong sa inyo.

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