Family Fitness Day: Cruz Stijl!

My wifey, Hasmin has been complaining much of her tummy, something she blames me for, for it came right after giving birth to our baby, Euan, and stayed there up to now. We’ve both enrolled and spent some cash in Fitness First, but her schedule didn’t give her time to improve her health, and provided her with a lot of stress in return, so the first fitness attempt failed.

Mama and Euan, excited much

My wifey is not good in keeping her routines, so we decided that i’ll keep it for her. We did some exercises in our room. To keep the workout from being boring, we added some variations. We decided to try a different venue, the Marikina Sports Park. The place was complete of everything i think we needed. It has a 400K jogging track, an olympic size swimming pool, several courts for several ball games and to complete it was a play area for kids.

Last Sunday, my wifey’s day off, we went to the park. We brought our little monster, Euan. The plan was to jog around the oval, relax and enjoy the  playground with Euan. We first bought some food in the nearby Mc Donald’s. Euan warmed up in their play area, but our two and a half year old boy wasn’t tagging along with the older toddlers. He was as big as the other kids, but he couldn’t compete with their naughtiness. After taking our Cheeseburger meal to go, we went ahead to the park.

mama putting euan's shoes back after playing in Mc Donalds
Euan on the field
mama and euan resting for a while
"i saw this girl, and her dress is awful..."

Hasmin and Euan were excited in the track. They jogged on it the moment we entered the area. I told Mama Hush to walk first as a warm  up. Her legs might hurt if she run at once. But Euan was a blasting rocket. He ran on the field, imitating his idol, Lightning McQueen. He stopped after a hundred and fifty meters, when he saw the playground. There were two play sets complete with slides, swings, pirate like cabins, monkey bars, little rapelling kit among others. I told Hasmin to walk the first four hundred kilometers as i took care of Euan.

eat, love, stretch
eating catsup

After her walk, she had her stretching. Euan and I ate the fries and burger.

Hasmin then ran the next rounds while Euan and I availed the slides. Euan was hesitant at first. This wasn’t his first time, but he had no one with to go down the slide this time. I assisted his firsts, until he got used to it and learned to enjoyed it, even questioning the speed and slipperiness of the slide.

Being the lone wolf (suplado is a better term), he decided to try the other games when more kids joined him in the play area. he tried the i-dont- know-wha- pyramid-bamboo-thing. It can be imagined to be a monkey bar, or a space ship, or a fireman’s ladder. it could be anything. Euan thought it was a car, he drove it on.

Mama finished her three kilometer run and she said she was done. She thought that 3k could bring her to the fun run, and i said yes, but she will have to run with the kids. and those kids doesn’t included Dyan Castillejo’s boy, who could be doing a marathon already. As Mama Hush took her rest, Euan decided to be Lightning McQueen. He had a quick and fast run on the track. I was afraid that he might bumped into some runners, but he didn’t.

Hesistant on the slide
papa helping euan in the slides
on the pyramid
Lighting McQueen

After being a car in the track, we went back to Mama and decided to go home.

Family Picture

Hopefully, we could do this again next Sunday. that is, if Mama Hush’s work would permit her.

and here is euan’s video of making a car from the bamboo pramid.


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