Sexy Disney (the princes’ make overs)

The princesses had their make over, and now it’s the men’s turn to show their other side, or the same side minus their clothes on. Their films showed us the requirements on how to win a girl. first, you have to have a position in the government. and that position will help you to look handsome, and if you are not good-looking and have no power, like the case of the beast, then you’ve got to be rich. and if you can’t be rich, you must have a genie to help you pretend to be rich.

and so they started a club

These pictures have been all over the net, and i collected them all to show that another reason to win a girl is having something great under those costumes, and have a good looking package beneath the undies. so here they are altogether

and all of them in thumbnails. click to see them bigger.

for the sexiest abs in the philippines, click this


2 thoughts on “Sexy Disney (the princes’ make overs)

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