Wednesday is the new Friday

great audience. because of us, Votre never runs out of laughs on a Wednesday.

Yes it is midweek, but we don’t care. We will party, do the tugz-tugz and laugh out loud with the guys of Comedy Cartel including our test run, Marvin.

Six weeks, five scripts, and we are still waiting for Marvin to have his paid gig. He is not officially part of Comedy Cartel, but this funny guy or gay or homosexual never fails in making all of us laugh. He had some misses, but even the best of the group failed at times. here are some of their regular performers.

Chino, the guy from the States
the comedy mentalist with Karla
richie fernandez... wears stripe brief.
cute guy from Japan! Pun... yeta
best look and best performer and marvin... kailan ka kaya makakapasok.
abet and alex
GB.. Papa! Papa! Papa!

but of course, no performance is complete without the audience and these are the Fridaying people on Wednesday. Marvin’s friends from the Up Repertory Company and from BA.

mga kaibigan ni Madang sa kung saan-saang dako ng daigdig
angku, livin it high
roma and nick... almost complete attendance
a foreigner and a balikbayan both from australia.

and of course, we put the back drop into good use.

red carpet ready
colorful ladies

See you again, guys this Wednesday. Votre Bar is located near ABS CBN corner of Esguerra and Eugenio Lopez Drive.


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