Welcome to Earth, Erin Sofia Claire Riosa Cortez


Mommy and Baby

The planet was not in its best condition, but everything became so much better when you were born. Welcome Baby Girl Cortez to Earth, and to your Papa and Mama, Mommy Regina and Daddy Edwin, welcome to the world of parenthood.

October 18, 2010. While the Philippines, specifically Luzon panicked as Super Typhoon Juan (Megi) swept the country, your mom and dad prayed and stood strong for for your safe delivery. But it was not that dramatic, don’t worry. the storm was far up North, however, who am i to tell how much happiness you’ve brought to your parents and lolo and lola.

On the eve of your birth, your hopefully, soon-to-be ninong Abet ang ninang Vanny visited your mom. makulit ka sa tiyan at parang gustung-gusto mo nang lumabas, pero ayaw mo pa daw. Mula 10pm hanggang 2:30am hinintay namin ang iyong paglabas, pero ayaw mo pa e, hehehe. sipa ka lang nang sipa. kailangang bumalik kayo sa hospital that morning, around 6pm para i-enduce ka na daw.

bilug na bilog ang lalagyan mo baby!
ayaw ipakita ng mama mo ang taguan mo, kasi masyado daw malaki
soon to be god parents
nagpadeliver na lang kami ng mcdonalds habang hinihintay ikaw

the whole day, we waited for any messages about your birth. Vanny kept on asking me, but i received no message regarding your mom’s labor. it must the storm jamming the signals of the network. but some time that afternoon, your mom sent us the news. “Hi huys! just gave birth to my little Erin Sofia Claire at 3pm today via csection.” She was prbably sedated when you came and gained consciousness around 7:07pm when she sent this message. After getting her senses back, the first thing she did was inform the universe of your safe delivery.

The next day, we went to your hospital, St Vincent Hospital in Concepcion. Dun din dapat ipapanganak ang kinakapatid mong si Euan, pero sabi nila puno na daw that time, naka-wait list daw kami. But it was fine, the rooms then were not as good as they are now. You are lucky that hospitals now are in a much competitive mode, nagpapagandahan na sila.

Vanny and hubby Jhay were there when Hush and I came in your room. You were in the Nursery.

mommy induction. Vanny and Hasmin welcomes your mom in the mommy world
mga parental barkada naman ang nag hello! kami ni vanny yun
kunwari, si Vanny ang nanganak
with our jackets, parang kami ang na-admit sa hospital

nag-cr si Mommy mo kaya more of kami lang ang nag-picture-an. but after that, the nursery called. pwede ka na raw pik apin. you are to stay with your mom. Your lola and a nurse came in with you. the nurse gave your mama some papers to sign on, and some advise on how to take care of you, specially administering the anti allergy for the rashes around your eyes.

may mommy 101 si nurse
contract signing, may projects ka na
Happy Mama, pero ang phone, ayaw bitawan. hehehe! binitawan naman.

Hindi na naabutan nina Vanny at Jhay ang pagdating mo sa room. kailangan na nilang umalis kasi shift na nila sa work. nag-stay pa kami for a while, keeping your mom company while your lola waited for you in the nursery. nauna na nga ang lalagyan mo, pero tumawag ulit yung nurse na male-late daw ang pag-akyat mo.

Dumating na rin si Mylene from work. complete costume pa sa kanyang pang government office look.

ang pretty ni mylene, bagay ang bilugang mukha

iyun naman. after a while, nauna na rin kami ni Mama Hush. kailangan na rin niyang magprepare dahil night shift din siya. sana nabigyan ng mama mo si Mylene para magkaroon ka na rin ng kinakapatid sa kanya. joke lang. Asawa muna si Mylene.

Niweis, i saw from Ninang Vanny facebook that your name would be Erin Sofia Claire Riosa Cortez. ang haba naman. parang pangarap, since libre naman, itodo na! see you when you grow up! and just like a fairy god mother, i wish you beauty, intelligence and for a prince charming to kiss you when you fall a sleep for a hundred of years.


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