De Stijl How to Paint Abet Style part 2

And it was done.

And this is how i did it. Many would provide better ways of doing a De Stijl art, but this is my way of doing Piet Mondrian inspired art on my wall. The first part, on the previous entry, held the first and basic steps:  having the money to fund the project, buying the materials, cleaning the canvass, which is the wall and finally preparing painting it, meaning putting on the guidelines. i used masking tapes as guidelines.

Now, I’ll go to the fun part. Painting.

it was fine to paint on the guidelines


you don't have to fill all the boxes


De Stijl  is very rectilinear, following its fondness for horizontal and vertical lines. The lines created boxes of different sizes. This difference made even the basic design interesting. I chose to color several of the boxes blues. then the yellows and the reds. and finally, the whites. No rules on what to paint what. i just followed my sense of balance and asymmetry.

cutting edge

The guidelines made things easier. It was fine to paint outside the lines. These will be removed afterwards. Peeling this tapes need a little care. there were times when the paint peeled off together with it, so i had to use cutters and scissors to make the edge crisp. More so, these tapes will be reused as guides once more to paint the black lines.

doing the vertical blacks first
peeling off the guidelines once more
almost done with the vertical lines

i did the vertical lines first. After which, the processes were the same. Put on the guidelines, paint, peel the guidelines. Then do it once more for the vertical lines. i used the same tapes over and over, it saves me a lot, and us as well.

Horizontal Lines
Preparing painting the horizontal lines
Painting the horizon
and painting it black
peeling off the black lines
Recycling and Reusing save us a lot

It was a little tedious waiting for the paint to dry. but since i used acrylic paints, a cup of coffee and some PSP games was enough. Then a final look at my work of art. and some touches and fixes. i did not try to perfect everything. My way of keeping my works unique.

A De Stijl on my Wall

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