Kung Fu Panda 2

Category: Movie

Genre: Action, Adventure, Animation

The awesomeness of Po learning that he was adopted fighting the villain created in tribute of Katy Perry. Oh My God! SO AWESOME!

And let’s add another Where’s Wally moment looking for whose voice was dubbing whose character.

Jack Black is Po

Angelina Jolie is Tigress, who had a lot of speaking lines this time

Dustin Hoffman is Shifu

Gary Oldman is Shen

Jackie Chan is Monkey

Seth Rogen is Mantis, who feels like a duplication of Po

Lucy Liu is Viper

David Cross is Crane

Michelle Yeoh is Soothsayer, the goat

Jean-Claude Van Damme is Master Croc, yes he was here.

Victor Garber is Master Rhino. He was the father of Alias.

And Katy Perry, i have to explain. no she wasnt in the film but the villain Shifu. A Peacock with Fireworks? need i explain more?



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