Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides

Category: Movie

Genre: Adventure

A better title should be Mermaids and the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Walang kwenta yung first third of the movie. pero nagkaroon na ng patutunguhan nung lumabas na yung mga mermaids. at least meron ng bida, si Serena. Saya na ang pinakamaganda sa movie. yup, mas maganda siya kesa kay Leah Michele, i mean Penelope Cruz.

Serena The Pirates of the Caribbean saving grace
the beautiful mermaids of the film. without them, the movie is not worth watching.
the most beautiful in the movie

And of course. looking for the Filipinos in the cast was like playing Where’s Wally. one of them is a mermaid and the other one, i think walks in the foreground while they were in the jungle.



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