Riptide Who?

I am an avid X-Men/Marvel fan, but i had no idea who riptide was. So i googled him up.

Alex Gonzalez plays Riptide in X-Men first class

I remember seeing him in one of the episodes of the Uncanny X-Men, way back in the nineties. He was part of the Marauders. I think he was in the island with Mr. Sinister, when he plotted the kidnap of Cyclops and Jean. He has the ability spin so fast that he could fly. he could also create tornado and in the internet, thay said that he could form spikes and shurikens from calcium deposit. Yes, that specific, only from calcium deposits.

As for the movie. He was more gorgeous than powerful, the total opposite of the Red Nightcrawler better known as Azazel. He took the scene in the yacht standing in the background while Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon) and Emma Frost were talking. The actor, Alex Gonzalez gave justice to the character in that particular moment.

For that, here are some more pics of Alex Gonzalez

image via Shangay Style.


Alex Gonzalez's Butt in Un Paso Adelante
Alex Gonzalez's revealed a lot in Una rosa de Francia

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