Deadly Sins: Disney Princesses Edition

Category: Drawings

Genre: Farce? Ahaha! Farce!

Nice concept. Works of Chris Hill.

Princess Jasmine is Wrath. She has a tiger for a best buddy.
Belle is Vanity. She was aptly named Beauty in the title.
Aurora is Sloth. She may have not meant it, but she was sleeping, has she been a little active, she could have been Vanity, for like Belle, she was Beauty in the movie.
Cinderella is Lust. Shoe fetish? And more than that, crashing the party just to meet his Prince?
Ariel is Greed. She's the princess of the seas, and she still wants to take over the lands. And the song that said she has everything, and yet, she wants more.
Snow White is Gluttony. Had she had a better EQ and ate not the apple, she would have not died. But this is a little far fetch. As they said, an apple a day keeps the doctor away.
Tinkerbell is Envy. She's so envious, she had the slot even if she is not a princess. And we all know jealous she was of Wendy.

For more of the artists work, you can visit his deviant art site. i think he accepts commissioned works.


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