I was checking the site stats of my wordpress, as usual, but something unusual struck me. In the search engine terms box, i frequently find “astrid berges-frisbey” + the words like topless, nude, sexy and the likes. Or her boyfriends name, Pierre Perrier. A few about endemic animals and about mining appears. This night, i found somebody looking for the word “chumembolins” directed to my site. Weird.

So What does chumembolin means?

chumembolin (ch-mmbl- n)


1. a generic term for everything or anything or for all.
example: Best Wedding Invitation Messages, or notes, or chumembolin. basta ito na ang mga iyun
2. a substitute for words when you can not find a better term to use.
example:  it was a fun experience, filing my income tax chumembolin, hindi ko pa alam kung anong tawag technically doon, basta nag file …
3. something to call your friend
example: huy, Chumembolin
4 a replacement for a verb when you can not figure out what it is you want.
example: Paki-chumembolin nga yan. Chinumembolin niya kasi ang ate ko, eh. Nahuli ni Roeder yung kuya mo sa Chumembolingan.
Sa wikang Filipino kasi, lahat ng noun o pangngalan ay nagiging verd o pandiwa kapag nilagyan ng prefix or suffix o ng panlapi like unlapi, gitlapi o hulapi. Wala yatang katumbas na gitlapi sa english grammar.

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