Julie Newmar, the first catwoman, but this is not what you are expecting. Scroll down some more.

After the Captain America week, Batman seems to heighten its promotion and peaking up with the release of the first pictures and maybe screen shots of Anne Hathaway as the latest girl in the cat suit. But before we get to the last, let’s have a tribute to the other Selena Kyles.

Eartha Kitt, the black cat, taking the costume from ms Newmar
Michelle Pfeiffer. She should have won an Oscar for this. "How dare you... I'm a woman!"
Halle Berry. Fail. Sorry.

And now, here is Anne Hathaway for the “Dark Knight Rises!”

Some earlier promo mats

And Anne Hathaway in the black leather outfit. Selena Kyle. Catwoman! Rawr!

A fan art, could have been look, but this one is a photoshop version of a deviant art entry

That is actually a lara croft from deviant art

I’ve only seen bane’s poster, but still none of Catwoman’s. Warner Brothers is yet to provide some better and official promo materials with Selina Kyle in costume, However, some of have leaked from the Pittsburgh shoot, and we are now devouring on it. Haha. Selina in the Batpod shot is hot. It seems like they took the original cut of the costume from the comics, spandex, goggles and all. However, the site was consistent in calling the Catwoman as Selina Kyle. Trying to leave the camp of the old film and sticking to the serious, realistic attack the director Christopher Nolan has set in the previous film with Harvey Dent and the likes.

did she steal batman's ride?
leather suits and big bikes. Yeah.

The Dark Knight Rises is scheduled to open on July 20, 2012.

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