The Art of Pitching

I don’t think this is as inspiring as they thought it is.

“a blind boy was waiting for someone to drop a coin in his can, with a board beside him written “im blind, pls. feel pity” a man came & dropped a coin & erased what was on the board. soon the boy heard a lot of coins being dropped in his can. the boy wondered and asked someone to read what is written on the board. it says, ” today is a beautiful day, too bad i cant see it” — so be thankful with what you have.

he might not be a blind kid, but he is a batang pulubi. Poignant na rin anman tingnan.

Found this as a status of my friend in Facebook. Many of his friends liked it, me thinking that they find this as a very touching story. I think differently. This is a good marketing strategy. A great example of words at work. Tawag sa amin dito, Magandang pitch, which is gagawin kailangan ko ngayon dahil presentation na bukas.

Well, this is inspiring after all. Not touching but just as inspirational.


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