Bringing back the 90s: Lego

Parang napag-iwanan na ako sa mundo ng Lego. Or dati pa naman talaga ako napag-iwanan talaga.

When we visited Euan’s cousin, mayroon siyang toy na Lego na helicopter. I remember my few sets of Lego when i was in elementary (and that “a few set” means 2 sets and thats it). The days of me in classmate’s house always eyeing the end of our review so i could swim on his pool of these little bricks. (and i don’t actually remember being there to review, i just remember being there)

And now, here is my nephew with this magnifalous helicopter with all these wheel and axle and gears and ropes and engineering elements. This is part of the Lego Technic collection.

More than having the usual interconnecting parts, Lego Technic. It is more advanced and more complex with movable arms, gears, axles. pins and wheels adding to the simpler bricks. Some have pneumatic parts or electric motors. From Technical Set of 1922, it became Technic in 1984. Things became more complicated and interesting after year 2000 with the launch of Mindstorms on 2006.


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