Costume ni Euan later

Euan’s Costume for Halloween

Costume ni Euan later

Wait na lang ninyo tomorrow ang picture niya dahil mamayang hapon pa niya ito isusuot. kumbaga, preview lang ito.

Pero to see the actual costume on Euan, ito naman

Euan will be the Yellow Angry Bird na ayon sa Angry Birds Wiki ay…

The Yellow Bird (aka Maching Bird, Woodpecker or Turbo Bird) is a bird you play with in Angry Birds. The birds are yellow colored and are triangular in shape. Their ability allows them to pick up speed to cause the most possible damage to the pigs and their structures.


The yellow bird sprite as it appears in the PC version.


Much like many of the other birds, its strength usually varies depending on what block is struck and what angle it’s struck, but in most cases, it can cut through many pieces of wood easily. Strangely, they’re weak against ice, despite ice having a much weaker strength than wood.


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