Wish List #1: Made in Brazil #4

iyun naman, andamiko kasing nakikita sa tumblr na photos na ganito, tapos yun pala, most of these are galing sa Made in Brazil magazine. Iyun naman, hinanap ko, at ika nga nila, seek and you shall find. and whalla, i find. Here are some photos in the latest issue which will be out early this December. Sakto sa Birthday ko.

The issue will be in two volumes. Stewart Shining shot one in New York and one in Brazil shot by Paulo Martinez, Fabio Bartelt, Hugo Toni and Cristiano Madureira. Bruce Weber penned the intro.

Made in Brazil 1
Made in Brazil 22
Diego Miguel
Caio Cesar
Diego Miguel
Caio Cesar
Rodrigo Calazans
Made in Brazil 16
Marcio and Marcos Patriota
Francisco Lachowski and Marlon Teixeira
Marcio and Marcos Patriota
Rafael Lazzini
Evandro Soldati
Rodrigo Calazans
Diego Miguel
Fabricio Bach
Bruce Machado
Diego Miguel
Marlon Teixeira
Made in Brazil 21

VOlume 4: Shining Features Diego Miguel, Alexandre Verga, Anderson Weisheimer, Bruce Machado, Caio César, Evandro Soldati, Fabrício Bach, Francisco Lachowski, Leonardo Windlin, twins Marcio and Marcos Patriota, Marlon Teixeira, Mateus Lages, Rafael Lazzini, Rodrigo Calazans, Alexandre Cunha, Bruno Gassen, Celso Carvalho, David Chaloub, Douglas Venhold, Igor Monteiro, Leonardo Alberici, Lucas Bernardini, Miro Moreira, Raphael Lacchine, Ricardo Figueiredo, Ronaldo Martins, Thomaz Oliveira, Yuri Bex.

Iyun, ganito na ang pag-order.


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