December 15 some five or six years ago, i cried when the clock hit midnight. I was trapped in a hotel room, qualified to Maricel Soriano’s quote, “ayoko ng masikip, ayoko ng mabaho, ayoko ng walang tubig, ayoko ng walang pagkain, ayoko ng putik!” But it wasn’t because the room stunk. I was working with my colleagues for this show, so difficult that nobody noticed that the date had changed. And that my birthday had come. That was optimistic. Because maybe, nobody really knew then that my birthday was on the 16th.

This year was a repeat of that. So to keep me from the same experience, i turn to one of my best mottoes in life, “the key to happiness is lowered expectation.”

Who cares about birthdays anyway? Birthdays are but an act of celebration feeding the insatiable appetite of this fucked up, commercialized planet. An addition to the problems trying to be solved by the Occupy Movement.

The lock-in block was set. Dec 14-16. The hotel room was better, though. Nobody would sleep in the closet as our PA did before. Nobody needs to ask for an extra bed, and no hospital bed would come to fulfill that request. Linden Suite was incomparable to that hotel in Malate.

Best thing about ABSCBN lock-ins, we never run out of food. We would be full in my my birthday, for sure. I might not have a whole lechon as we did last year, (sabay kasi christmas party with the CMDG sa bahay ng boss kaya pasabog) but the meals would be a plenty.

The 16th of came. More than a low expectation, i had none. To some, the facebook was help, they knew that it was my birthday. They greeted me and sang  the most popular song in the planet. I was thankful of course. And i thought that was it. But it was as if i “called right now” because there was more.

We were plotting on the sheets (huwag na ninyong alami dahil may sa jargon ito). Then, the door opened, and they brought in a cake. And it was for me. Unlike the lechon which was for the party, this cake was just for me. Because it was my birthday. And then the pasta became mine, and all of the other food in the table, as prepared by Ate Des, which were more than a plenty, but a sumptuous. All mine. For my birthday. We had to take a break, because that time was mine. And i cried. They might not see it but i did. I remembered the five year ago moment when i was sobbing and Mother Lye asked me what’s wrong and i answered, “birthday ko kasi.” And this was now, when my expectation was none, but everything was so good that even if my expectations were bigger than me, things would still more than suffice.

may carbonara, my mom made it a tradition to have a pasta on my birthdays
may cake, my cake

Thank you so much! Sir Rayms, kahit wala kayo dun, ansaya nang tumawag pa rin kayo, pero more than that, sa tiwala at pagtanggap ninyo sa unit. Manay Gina, ang saya ng team at ang gaan at nake-claim natin ang magagandang bagay na pinapangarap natin. Ate Des, more than sa masarap na food, salamat sa masarap na presence, you are a good addition to my life, sana umiyak ka pag nawala ako, at sa mga iba nandoon, iiyakan ko kapag nawala kayo sa earth, na hindi ko wini-wish to be anytime soon, Andi, Barci, Bridge, Roger. Louver and Ludiber, though si Ludiber, di ko pa sure, antahimik niya kasi. At kay Melo, uy special, parang wind beneath my wings ang atake, pero iyun, tama ang desisyon natin dito. Finally! Anyaman ng last quarter ng 2011 natin! I am indeed a Kapamilya. Thank you so much.

Bago umuwi from Linden Suites 1113
Iyun to close, check out my kilikili.

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