A Clash Of Kings. A book about kings that are clashing.

Book: Adventure, Fantasy, Dragons


True enough. Five declared themselves king after Robert Baratheon died. All five went to war. Robert’s first son Joffrey, Robert’s brothers Stannis and Renly, Robb Stark and Balon Greyjoy.

Away from the wars, Daenerys was in search for ships and an army and Mance Rayder was leading the wildlings towards the wall.

But this was more than war of arms and armors. Dany’s dragons were but a start. More fantastic creatures and wild magic followed. Stannis had a pregnant sorceress bearing a killer shadow. Tyrion rediscovered the Pyromancers. Arya freed a shape-shifting man. Jon and Bran can be on the direwolves skin when they sleep. Bran had a friend who read dreams. Giants and Mammoths and who knows what are coming behind the Wall.

More than a race to the Iron Throne, “A Clash of Kings” continued “A Game of Thrones” journey of the Starks. After being torn apart from the first book, this second showed how each member survived being away from the family. Bran and Rickon were left in Winterfell. Arya, witnessed several cities burned before getting to Harrenhal. Sansa was still a hostage in King’s Landing. Robb was leading a war against the Lannister and Jon Snow was getting deeper on the other side of the wall. Catelyn, their mother was beside her dying father. The violence and harassment these kids witnessed and experienced were too much that the book became a quest of the Starks’ reunion.

This could be the reason why the climax, the battle of ships and galleys, failed. No Stark was in danger. The narration of the epic battle was too long, but it didn’t matter. Scanning it was enough. What happened to Robb and Rickon was more important. Somehow, the wait was worth it.

Compared to the first book, “A Clash of Kings” provided a more hopeful ending.

Tyrion didn’t make it to my favorites, as well as Catelyn. I still expect a lot from Sansa. All others were never on my list. For that, here are my best characters in the book.

1. Bran Stark
2. Jon Snow
3. Arya Stark
4. Theon Greyjoy
5. Brienne of Tarth



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