Baguio Cathedral

I have this fascination with old churches. Reminds me of the old times. That’s why it frustrates me to see churches being renovated into modern edifice, taking away the history that the original walls have survived. Well thanks to the Americans who really tested the survival skills of a lot of these churches in the Philippines. But let this not be a seminar on Philippine Architecture (religious and phallic to be specific).

Since My wife and i went to Baguio, and photography comes cheap for me these days. (I still have my 10K Sony Digicam from Quiapo from not less than three years ago). I put on my acting shoes and had a role of a photographer that day.

And here are my sample shots.

History Tablet
Optimus Prime
Mga nakakahon ngunit kumikinang na pananaw
Carrying your weight
A Limitless View

By the way, this will be my first entry to a new Parent Category in my Blog. ArteKo


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