John Carter

JCM like John Carter Must...

From John Carter of Earth to John Carter of Mars. That explains the poster. JCM.

Movie: Adventure


I was actually confused on what or rather who this John Carter was. First thought, he was the guy who must die like the John Carter Must Die. But no. It was John Tucker. The irony is, or whatever figure of speech must be used, Taylor Kitsch was on the film as well.

So could the producers (Disney) think in doing this film?

1. We should create another franchise similar to the Pirates of the Caribbean. We would fail, just like Prince of Persia did! No we won’t, we will have a greater love story. A love story challenged not just by time (or the sands of time) but space as well. Wow, that would be a great franchise!

2. Since the viewers mostly remember those parts in the latter part, let’s put all our budget on the scenes on Mars. They’ve been exposed to the geographies of Earth so let’s create an all new world or better A Whole New World with you in Mars.

3. Let’s save the planet by doing the 3 R’s. Let’s Recycle costumes from the Prince of Persia. Reuse them by reducing their lengths and drapes. Less clothes, more skin. Perfect.

My say.

1. Some parts bore me to death. No, just to sleep. i slept on the first parts, the monents before John got to Mars. I started watching diligently when Tar Tarkas (Willem Dafoe) presented John to to the crowd. I felt like i missed nothing.

2. The girl looks familiar, the Princess of Mars. Dejah Thoris played by Lynn Collins.

Princess of Mars the next Disney Princess
the Alluring Lynn Collins
As Kayla Silverfox in Wolverine X-Men Origins

She played Wolverine’s girlfriend in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, making John Carter a reunion with Taylor Kitsch who was Remy LeBeau/Gambit.

Taylor Kitsch is John Carter
As himself
Keeping his long hair in the Covenant
Sporting long hair still as Gambit.

3. Best in Production Design. They created a civil war film and transported as to Mars. Everything was fabulously. I wouldn’t question the authenticity of John Carter’s warrior costume, since i have no idea what it was like in Mars. Come on, a cleavage plate? But it’s forgivable. The flying ships was fabulous. The “The-Legend-of-Aang-esque” moving/devouring city. All of it, i love the production design.

4. Basing from the the 1917 book Princess of Mars by  Edgar Rice Burroughs, there were several time lapses and flashbacks. however, there were details or events that would have been prolonged. The book must have had a better story telling. John Carter the movie had a great story but the story telling could be so much improved.

5. Whatever, i would still watch it when it premieres in Sky Cable. I just caught a glimpse of Prince of Persia a while ago from Star Movies.

For a change, poster naman ang gawin nating mukhang pirated

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