Hunger Games

Hunger Games. Movie naman

Movie: Hunger Games

Genre: Adventure. Romance. Post-Apocalyptic.


I told my friend that he shouldn’t judge the beauty of the book with the presentation of this movie. It didn’t highlight the most important things in the book.

1. The love story did not work. Katniss would have been torn between Peeta and Gale, but Gale seemed to be in a one way love affair with the girl. Katniss was always thinking of Gale all through out the game. Her internal conflicts were not experience in the duration of the movie. Peeta was a good speaker, but he did not stand as an underdog. That was Peeta’s strength. However, he came a little arrogant in the film. Gale’s few moments in the book was enough for you to hold on to him. It should have been shown that Katniss did the lip lock with Peeta to get another gift from the sponsor. It wasn’t all about love. Because that would really hurt Peeta in the finale, when Katniss told him that everything was a show.

2. The idea that this Hunger Games was wrong was not delivered. This was a prelude to a war, for crying out loud. This would light up a revolution. This is the start of something big. Yet it failed in providing that very important introduction.

3. I would have been bored if I haven’t read the book, i think. It had a very shaky start. Figuratively and literally. The camera was hand held, playing with an independent film-esque look. However, the shots became firm when the characters got in the Capitol. But it never translated in the story telling.

4. The actors could have given more. Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss) was competing with Twilight’s Bella in the Anxiety Attack area, though it was understandable that Katniss would have been in that situation. She was about to die. However, there could have been more dimensions to that. I know Jennifer could do more than that as seen on her previous films. We’ll get to that later.

5. The director does not have Twilight’s director’s talent of capturing the strength of the boys/men’s looks.

6. The production design was admirable. The set gave away clues on how the people were living in their conditions. The districts looked like concentration camps from wars. They dressed like the prisoners of the Nazi days. The Capitol on the other hand had the grandeur of all the mighty civilizations. Egyptian motifs were seen a lot. The building had the elegance of the Roman Empire plus the futuristic imaginings of Atlantis. Kudos as well to the designers and Make-up department.

7. The most amazing experience was watching the other movie goers got shocked with the “Hunger Games” i could hear, “oh my gods” and “ohh,” “no,” “the kid…” It was like having people from the Capitol behind me. The director was very successful in that aspect.

8. Finally. Let’s have a look at the familiar faces.

Katniss Evergreen. Jennifer Lawrence. Oscar nominatee for Winter’s Bone but we could betterremember her in X-Men First Class as Mystique.

Jennifer Lawrence on Esquire Magazine
jennifer lawrence as mystique

Peeta Mellark. Josh Hutcherson. From Little Manhattan. To Zathura.

Little Manhattan i hate you series
Zathura where Josh was with the Twilight girl Kristen Stewart

Gale Hawthorne. Liam Hemsworth. Not so worthy, yet. compared to his brother Thor.

Chris Hemsworth. Brother of Liam Hemsworth

Cato. Alexander Ludwig. Doesn’t ring a bell? He’s the boy from The Seeker and Race to Witch Mountain. Started as a child star as well.

Alexander Ludwig in the Seeker the Dark is Rising. He was considered for the role of Peeta.
Alexander Ludwig in Race to Witch Mountain

And finally. To surprise you all.

Clove. Isabelle Fuhrman. She’s none other than Esther. the title role in Orphan

isabelle furhman in orphan

That’s all. I am really sad to say this, but i think i enjoyed the first Twilight film over this one. But i will still recommend the film because i really, really love the book.


3 thoughts on “Hunger Games

  1. Omg me too! like seriously, so many kids beside me they are all Oh God! that’s crap! Like are they gonna kiss again? o god, so like so like, like i hate them like I would want to stuff their mouths.

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