suzanne collins' mockingjay

Book: Adventure. Romance. Post-Apocalyptic. 2nd of a Trilogy


Unfulfilled promises.

It carried the momentum of Catching Fire, however, the story dwindled down to the most boring part which, in the story framework is called the climax.

Maybe because Katniss’ character had not learned anything from the previous books. Participating in the Quarter Quell was questionable but acceptable. But when she still acted as directed in the final book, her character became weak. Yes, other than the rebellion, the books glue was it’s reality show handle. But Katniss would have been traumatized by camera’s following her. She would have despised the media which was an arm of the warring parties. The writer could have thought of better ways of catching Katniss on film/video in the story.

Speaking of weakness. She died and got resurrected twice. Talk about running out of devices. Katniss will die. Then she’ll wake up. Somehow, what happened to her will be narrated. This style closed the second book, when Katniss was rescued from the arena to the processes that followed. Doing another two of should be a crime.

Peeta. I loved what they did to Peeta, but…

Making him an unstable time bomb was a great twist. Katniss living with him will always be a danger. However, the big but, this was not properly used. His crisis could be played around in so many creative ways. Yet that was just a start. It was Katniss’ move in line with Peeta’s condition that was weak. Or less than weak, of non existence. Peeta found his way to break from his condition. The single big movement Katniss did was the kiss, when Peeta was in so much delusion. And it was predictable.

Gale, i can barely feel Gale. Other than being the devil’s advocate, or the guy who sides with the villain… i mean the other villain, he was a blah. He was as romantic as a… forget it.

There would have been more drama if the writer did not decide that Katniss would not let the death of everyone sink in. Finnick could have made it to the threesome, making the fourth player in the love affair. His friendship with Katniss could have led to that, it was set up. Fortunately, it did not reached that level of connection. Letting go of him was easy. Oh, of course, this is not a spoiler. The moment he became too close for comfort with Katniss, death started to write itself on Finnick skin. Someone has to die, someone important or gorgeous.

The third book set up a great villain for a fourth book. Sadly, this is just a trilogy. And again, the death of that villain was as predicatable as Katniss arrow on the force field.

Maybe the story needed Katniss to breakdown. Just like a phoenix, who would be torn down to ashes to reach if beauty. Katniss was not beaten enough, she kept her strong all through out the third book. It would have been interesting if it was her, not Peeta who suffered from the torture. The final fatality in her circle would have broken her, but it was too near the final pages that it was not juiced up.

In the end, it was about love in the midst of rebellion, so here’s a check on it.

The statement was clear in the three books. It was the kids who are most affected by war. They are the victims of the adults’ inhumanity/humanity. At least, i got that statement. Well, to be fair, the sounds of the explosions, and the images of war were clearly seen through Katniss. Yet that was just as far as Katniss can experience. There could be more stories like the two who tried to get to district 13. Stories that would made the war bigger than what Katniss can offer.

And finally. The love. The decision was logical. How could Katniss keep the guy who decided to stay in another district? How could he love the guy who would always give the impression of the bomb and the chutes? It was easy.

The real and unreal. Could be Italian. Too cheesy, it could be on a pizza.



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