Best movie so far

Genre: Adventure, War, Aliens


Given that one they are bragging that this is one from the producers of Transformers, expect a lot of Transformers elements. More than the robot-like ships, the characterizations are simply tweaked versions of the Transformer. But after that sunk in, the movie becomes far different from Transformers. It has transformed.

1. They have played wittily on the “Battleship” brand. They seventy year old “Battleship” from the second world war in display, and was eventually used when the “Destroyers” were destroyed. Then comes the game of “Battleship” one of Hasbro’s products, which was, i believe, intelligently positioned in the film.

2. No bored moment.

3. The starts is reminiscent of the latest Star Trek.

4. The aliens, the technology, the people’s  reaction made me think that everything was possible. No overly dramatic moment. No overly campy humor.

5. The Earth was saved not solely by an American but with Asians. Okay na yun.

6. Rihanna was sexy. She was good. She was not over done. She was wearing a cap. And it was only when i went home that i felt that i would have wanted to see more of her in the film.

7. The ending ending was unnecessary but it was okay.

8. I love the film. couldn’t say more. I would want to watch it again.

more posters here

Taylor Kitsch
Alexander Skarsgard
Liam Neeson

Other character who should have had their own posters are

Tadaku Asano

Tadanobu Asano

and the Sports Illustrated model Brooklyn Decker. We can indulge on her for a while

Brooklyn Decker
Brooklyn Decker
Brooklyn Decker
Brooklyn Decker

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