The Avengers

the Avengers. Pirated DVD lang ang atake.

Saktong-saktong-sakto na walang lang.

Genre: Adventure, War, Aliens, Super Hero


Watched it on the second day. Pero ngayon lang ako nakareact. Perfect movie adaptation of a comic book. Saktong action, saktong set-up, saktong drama. Sakto lahat ng characters. At ang nasabi ko nga sa nagtanong sa meeting kung maganda ba daw ang Avengers. Oo, pero huwag nang umasang ma-nominate as best picture sa Oscar.

Avengers talaga ang favorite kong Marvel Comics mula pa noong bata ako. Matagal ko na siguro nasabi ito. At iyun na lang. I love the movie. perfectly satisfied. I am planning to watch it again.

Ito na lang. Some AHA moments.

1. Love it when Iron Man refer to Hawkeye (howki) as Legolas and other references.


2. Before i read that the unnamed alien in the film was Thanos, i thought it was Kang.

3. Even Hulk cannot lift Thor’s Hammer, but he can do a Spongebob/Tom&Jerry/Looney Tune beating to the god Loki. Ansaya nung sound of pain ni Loki after that scene. ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

4. Captain America being a veteran soldier, unintentionally became the leader, but his catch phrase was not uttered. Maybe they were waiting for his leadership to be formalized. But he did say, “Hulk, SMASH!”

5. Black Widows tale of Hawkeye could be a movie.

6. Loki’s first act of brutality gave a hint of darkness in the film. But it was very much toned down after that. (Nandukot ng mata? Pambata?)

7. The A in the Avengers Building was the A in “Stark” But i’m sure that just like the X-Men, they have an Avengers Mansion.

8. Gwyneth Paltrow was not in the credits. Jane Foster was seen as a poster, i mean a picture on a screen. War Machine was not around (he is from Avengers West Coast after all). No Ant-Man or Wasp. Spider Man was rumored to have a cameo in the second Avengers movie.

9. The Alien Species that attacked were supposed to be the Skrulls, if they were not owned by Fox. The producers opted for the Redacted, instead.

10. SHIELD’s headquarters was awesome

Here are more posters

Iron Man and the Hulk
Captain America and Hawkeye
Hawkeye and the Hulk
Nick Fury and SHIELD
Thor and Black Widow

Black Widow and Captain America
and for more fun, just like in the Philippines

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