Emo for a Broken Promise

This is a dear diary moment, but for a father who is expecting another baby, that moment has an all new meaning.

I promised Euan a trip to the Mall, Toys R Us, to buy the “Hotwheels yung may umiikot na dalawa,” which he says with two looping hand gesture. That was Thursday. I told him, “dalawang tulog na lang, tapos bibili na tayo nung hotwheels mo,” me doing the same gesture.

Then yesterday, Friday, Mama Hush and I went home with Euan dropping everything to meet us. “Papa, isang tulog na lang.”

I wanted to explain that we were to go on Sunday, and the afternoon nap wasn’t valid. That was too much explanation. Mama Hush just said that i have to do as i promised. We scheduled a Saturday family time after our naunang schedule.

However, Saturday, we had an appointment with our OB Gyne. We knew that a Saturday check up would mean long queue and more than an hour wait. That was just perfect. Mama Hush needed the Glucose test. She had to take a bottle of glucose concoction and wait for an hour to see how she reacts with sugar. “Shit, Sugar!” Mga ganung react.

After an hour, kinuhaan ng dugo si Mama Hush and we needed another hour for the results. That was two hours all in all. ANd we had to wait another thirty minutes because we were number seventeen sa pila.

U2 was fine, the doctor said, Mama Hush four months three weeks pregnant. Akala ni Hasmin, 5 months. Nothing’s wrong with the sugar exams. And Mama Hush didn’t gain weight since our last check up. The doctor explained that Mama Hush will hav another C-Section and i insisted a normal birth again. See, Euan was a caesarian baby, and trying a normal one would be dangerous for the second child. This is an unfinished discussion.

We had lunch after, and it was 2pm.

We were home and I was exhausted. Ganun din siguro si Mama Hush, pero i judged her na kapag gala, sasabihin niya na she’s okay. But the afternoon was scorching. So I decided to rest for the rest of the day. And explain to Euan that we were to go the next day.

Pagdating sa bahay, Euan was on the bed, and he was crying. Her tita was trying to put him to sleep. But Euan was insisting na uuwi na kami at aalis na kami papunta sa mall. I learned from her two tita’s that Euan was expecting us to return home when “yung big hand at saka yung small hand ng clock ay nasa twleve.” It was three pm. And i had to tell him the bad news. His Mama needed to rest and U2 as well.

Then the three of us went up our room. Nakatulog kaming tatlo. At nagising din naman, awa ng diyos.

And that was it. Mama Hush and I knew that Euan was disappointed. We, or I broke my pormise and that was bad for babies. I’ve read that breaking promises could teach kids to lie. So we, or I needed to explain how sorry we, or I was. Euan was cool and said that okay lang. But of course we knew, it was not that alright.

Ito ang proof.

Si Euan, playing Plants vs Zombies with Adele in the background. Euan did everything from opening the laptop, to opening the games, to the music folder to choosing the music.

Haha, Hasmin and I were on the Bed watching Parent Trap when we the music from the laptop caught our attention. This was the first time Euan played music while on the computer. Euan skipped some tunes. Pero nagtuloy-tuloy na siya and went back to the Plants vs Zombies when LMFAO’s party rock started. Kumakanta siya sa chorus. Then in the loop was the 30 Seconds to Mars which Euan knew the rhythm as well. And finally, Someone Like You.

Ayun naman!


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