Snow White and the Huntsman

From NatGeo to Cinema One

Tama lang na si Charlize ang nasa gitna, not because parang napakarami niyang ginawa for the movie, pero siya na kasi talaga ang best

Genre: Adventure, War, Fairy Tale, Fantasy


It had a promising opening. The first minutes were very good. From the time of Snow White’s conception till her childhood. A few moments of Kirsten Stewart first appearances were notable as well, since Charlize was still taking a lot of screen time. But after Snow White ran away to the Dark Forrest, a lot of questions were left unanswered and a lot of scenes are asked, “What are these for?” Until it ended with a blah.

1. The first scenes were music video like, something equally notable as the special effects of Alice in Wonderland, but in a different light.

2. Charlize Theron’s over the top acting was complimented by Kirsten Stewart’s under the bottom talent. This is Twilight with twist. And the twist, it is not twilight.

3. The film failed in comparison with Red Riding Hood, the film that is in the same genre.

4. Now the questions. What are these for?

Some Giant rock wood creature monster
Enchanted Forest God reminiscent of Princess Mononoke’s God like creature
scarred faced boat women in the river village
Snow White’s Prince Williams

These were good addition but useless in the story telling. The only goal of these moments were to lengthen the tale and make it long enough to be a movie.

5. Who are these and where are they from?

LPG (Liquified Personified Golden) Mirror
the seven dwarves or were there eight?

Sure they were on the original fairy tale, but it was important to discuss the origins of these beautifully presented characters. Especially the Mirror. To be fair, or would it be unfair, The queen was presented with all her goals and motivations and a very rich backstory.

6. The movie started great then the greatness faded out as the film moved to the end.


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