U2 is a Boy

Hasmin and I are having another Baby Boy! Quota na ako sa pambayad utang.

nakikita ba ninyo? si baby? ako rin. hindiko rin makita.

This post is a little late, and i would have not made this if not for Vanny, one of my bestfriends, meaning among the reasons why i am now married, and that is another story, and yes, if not for Vanny asking me last night what Hasmin and I were having. And i said we weren’t hungry. I had no idea she was referring to our second baby. Bam! I haven’t told my best of friends that our 2nd child would be be having a dick. And all the reason why his mom, is always blooming, is… Alam Na! Not a baby girl inside her, but… Alam Na!

And there you have it. Eaun will be having a baby brother, with a working title/working name U2.

And here is the Ultrasound.


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