A Question For Suze Orman

The Bank of the Philippine Islands brought Suze Orman in the country last night for a talk about money. Hasmin got us tickets for the Suze Orman’s talk at the New. It was a fun and entertaining watch, and me not knowing who Suze Orman is, found her interesting and inspiring, that I got in line for those who want to ask in the forum. I did not get the chance to ask.

I just want, “What happened to her dream of opening a restaurant?”

Suze introduced herself as someone who knows everyone’s story, that she came from rags herself, that she became a waitress for almost a decade, 7 years, if i remember it tight, that on her 7th year, she decided to start he own restaurant. She asked her mom for &20,000 but her mom told that they do not have that much. A frequent customer lent her some checks amounting to $50,000. She invested that 50 grand and nothing was heard of that money. To keep her promise of paying her friend back, she applied a position in the same investment company where she lost her fund for her restaurant, and that is the start of her career as a financial adviser.

Suze Orman through the years
Suze Orman through the years

And so what happened to her dream restaurant? Or to her dream, period.

Suze told us that the goal of money is to keep us feel secured by following her three rules. First is by living below your means and within your needs. Next is the need and want rule, where cutting the want to save. And finally, enjoying saving just like spending.

And so what happened to her dream restaurant, has it become a want, that she cut off to make her feel safe by becoming an author, a TV/Radio personality and of course a financial guru where she is getting all her money now?

Is a dream a need or a want?


One thought on “A Question For Suze Orman

  1. It’s funny how sidetracked you can get as you get on in life. At 38, I’ve only just realized that I had been working in jobs I don’t love. At all. Maybe she stuck with it because she’s good at it but it doesn’t necessarily mean she loves it. And the inverse may be true as well: maybe being a restaurateur wasn’t what she really wanted and she needed this crisis to help understand that.

    One never knows.

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