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The Amazing Spider Man

The Dark Knight + 500 Days of Summer +  Jurassic Park + Sally Field =

Genre: Super Hero, Romance, Suspense, Drama.


Yes they are all that i felt during the movie. And i love it. What’s not to love? Dark Knight. Love it. 500 Days of Summer. Love it. Jurassic Park. Love it. Sally Field. Love her!

It started in a heavy note. Yes, the way that the Dark Knight did. So Dark. Like the night. It did not stop there, the troubled Bruce who lost his family poured on some of his angst to the teenage Peter. Peter on the other hand, is not that lovable. He is flawed, almost vengeful. Bordering on irritating.

The love story brought back the highs school heart beat. The awkward boy trying to woo a beautiful but quirky girl. Gwen was quirky here. Hence, 500 Days of Summer. Similarly. “… you should know upfront that this is not a love story.”

Gwen inside a confined space, watching the Lizard passed through the slits of the door. Wow, this was the suspense of Jurassic Park, when the kids were in the kitchen and the Raptors. Same hold-your-breath-moment.

And the Best Actress. Sally Field. Doing a best actress performace.

1. So let’s start with, I love Sally Field and Martin Sheen. They were lovable aunt and uncle. I almost forget that they were just Aunts and not grandparents. Martin Sheens line were deeply rooted. Sally Field has lesser screen time, but every moment was memorable. Every scene had a different unit. It was a showcase of Sally Field’s range as an actress.

2. Peter was too troubled, he seemed to be a damaged soul. And i can relate to him. He was flawed but relatable. He isn’t lovable but relatable.

3. The skateboard explain Spider Man’s fascination with speed and the Physics of it all. In addition to the fact that he was studying in a Science High School. And the bag, which was always with him explains where his items were. These kept the story grounded, or something that might happen in reality. The technology was based on the neo science fiction world of Iron Man, hence the invention of the web-shooter.

spider-man’s web shooter

4. Some concepts on the other hand, were unexplained and left to the imaginations/knowledge of Spider Man story. Unlike Toby’s version, where everything was spoon-fed, here, you need your knowledge of the marvel comic book, or some of the spidey facts from the old movies.

5. There was a connect the dot experience. The “ow, that was their version of the Toby’s version.” Like that “who am i” plot, which concluded both movies. The “great powers comes great responsibility” version. The death of Uncle Ben under a criminal which he let pass, and how he hunted it down.

6. The sweetness of Aunt May was memorable. The meatloaf scene was so human. Just like how Peter cried on his Uncle Ben’s body was so real. These were the Sally Field-Martin Sheen.

7.I never thought that Lizard could be a formidable foe. Yet, as I’ve said, Jurassic Park. The suspense leveled up, and the Lizard as a creature was terrifying, just like the aliens in I Am Number 4. Wow, school as a battleground. Bang.

Spider Man vs Lizard

8. Too much mystery. And i love it another.

9. FTW, they did this.

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